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These Vintage Cameras Were Sliced Up and Frozen in Resin


Swiss photographer and artist Fabian Oefner has released a new series called CutUp that features cameras cut into slices and then fixed in resin. The resulting sculptures offer a unique view of the internal components of well-known camera bodies.

Oefner starts by slicing cameras apart using an “old archaic band saw,” cutting through the different materials with brute force.

The slices are then meticulously polished by hand before they’re arranged in a new shape and then embedded within resin.

Oefner then uses vacuum and pressure chambers to cure the resin at a precise atmospheric pressure and temperature.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes video showing how these sculptures are made:

Oefner has completed 6 such camera sculptures and he plans to expand the project to cover many more technological objects in the future.

The photographer previously shot paint being flung from a spinning drill, photos of bullets tearing apart portraits, and an “exploded” $2 million Lamborghini.

You can find more of Oefner’s work on his website and Instagram.

(via Fabian Oefner via Colossal)