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Tip: Use a Snowboard Rack for Tripod Organization


If you’re a casual photographer, you probably don’t have so many tripods that you have a hard time storing and organizing them. But if that is a problem that you or your studio struggle with, here’s a clever solution: you can use a snowboard rack as a tripod storage solution.

The New York-based Lixi Studios shares this finding in the 3-minute video above.

“We were getting frustrated storing all of our tripods and light stands in our studio,” studio president Alan Ginsberg tells PetaPixel. “So we found a new solution to do so.”

You can get a snowboard rack with padded arms for $20 and up on Amazon — they vary in quality, capacity, design, and padding. The rack in the video costs about $60.


Once mounted to a suitable wall, each of the arm pairs can hold multiple tripods: