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Shooting 360° Video in 48K Using 12 Sony Xperia Z5 Smartphones



Sony has created what it believes is the world’s first 48K 360-degree video. The company created a special 3D-printed camera rig that uses 12 Xperia Z5 smartphones arranged in a circle. By shooting 4K with each phone and then stitching together the resulting footage, Sony was able to create 48K video that you can explore interactively.


The first video shot with the rig was filmed at the Rise Ski & Snowboard Festival in Les Deux Alpes, France. Here’s the video (unfortunately, YouTube’s playback resolution maxes out at 4K):

“It’s fully interactive, so feel free to explore the environment using the on-screen navigation keys,” says Sony. “For a truly immersive experience, try watching on your Xperia Z5 series device or using Google Cardboard and the YouTube Android app.”



(via Sony Mobile via DPReview)