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Ep. 32: Where is Your Gear Most Likely to be Stolen? – and more


Episode 32 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast.
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Featured: Photographers and educators Tony and Chelsea Northrup

In This Episode

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Tony and Chelsea Northrup open the show. Thanks guys. I’m borrowing Kyle!

Anti-gear theft registry LensTag releases interesting data about 2015 thefts. (#)

A quick and easy way of removing stubble in Photoshop. (#)

A photographer’s lens hood ends up on the ice and is mistaken for a puck. We discuss how to secure yours. (#)

This quick Mac OS X hack will save you frustration when connecting a device or memory card. (#)

A Canadian photographer and his friend brave frigid temps for an amazing shot. (#)

Alon in Israel wants to know what type of backdrop he should get for studio photography.

Photography is used to affect change in Lebanon with it’s child bride problem. (#)

An amazing 800+ people are focused on the camera module in Apple’s iPhone. (#)

The US drone registry will reveal drone owners’ names and address will be publicly available. (#)

The rest of the hilarious intro takes from Chelsea and Tony Northrup.

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