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4 Giant Camera Costumes That Actually Take Pictures



Halloween is just around the corner, and if you’re looking for a photo-related costume this year, one fun idea that has appeared over the years is creating a DIY giant camera that’s fully functional as a camera. Here’s a look at 4 examples we’ve seen so far.

#1: A Giant Nikon DSLR in 2011


Back in 2011, we shared how photographer Tyler Card had created an impressive Nikon DSLR costume for himself. It had a functional shutter button and a giant LCD screen on the back that displayed each captured photo. Here’s a look at it in action (there’s also a making-of video):

#2: A Canon EOS 20D in 2013


For Halloween 2013, YouTube user rwelgosh turned his son Raymond into a Canon 20D DSLR. It used a Canon digital camera that beamed each photo to an iPad using an Eye-Fi memory card:

#3: A Nikon D3x in 2013


In 2013, photographer Damian Intranuovo turned himself into a human Nikon D3x (there are more photos of the costume on Intranuovo’s Instagram account here and here):

#4: A Flip-Out LCD Screen in 2014


Last year, Torey Alford made a camera costume that displays camera settings on the back by default. Press the shutter, and the camera will shoot a flash photo, displaying the photo for review on the LCD. What’s more, the LCD screen on this costume can swing out and point forward as well.

So, who’s going to up the camera costume game this year? If it’s you, be sure you let us know what you come up with!