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Review: Woody Woodclick Provides Exceptional Boxes For Next-Level Presentation



Here at PetaPixel, we receive quite a number of review requests daily, and picking what we feel is unique and interesting can prove to be a difficult task. But when we recently got a slightly more unusual request to review custom-branded wooden boxes from a company called ‘Woody Woodclick’ we had to give it a try. Producing custom wooden boxes and engraved flash drives, the company aims at premium packaging for photographers.


Woody Woodclick advertises their service as a way to “dazzle your customers and show them your work in a beautiful and environmentally friendly way.” All of the company’s boxes are made of high-quality wood and are then engraved with your desired logo or text. Available in eight different box styles, you have a variety of options with differentiating factors such as size, shape, and various compartments.


We received two boxes to take a look at: Combo Box #3 and USB Box #1. Both boxes can hold a custom USB flash drive, but the Combo Box offers more space for photographers to fit in a stack of printed photographs. In addition to including a personalized flash drive, the two boxes are also both crafted from alder wood and feature prominently wood burned logos on the top.


When we received the two boxes I was unsure what to think – would they be interesting enough for a review? When I unpacked them, however, I noticed that Woody Woodclick had engraved the official PetaPixel logo directly onto the products. Expecting the generic sample box that the company offers, it was a nice surprise that made the boxes instantly more appealing.


Combo Box #3 is available in two sizes for both 4×6 and 5×7 prints. The exterior of the box is beautifully sanded and feels smooth to the touch. The PetaPixel logo is burned into the lid very neatly. When you are ready to slide open the box, an indent is provided for your finger, and the lid moves quietly along the wooden tracks.




Inside the Combo Box we found a large area for storing printed photographs, along with a small slot designed to hold the USB flash drive. The custom engraved wood flash drive is also beautifully put together and features magnets so that you do not lose the cap. Each drive has a capacity of 16GB for delivering files to clients.



The second box, USB Box #1, is much smaller and is designed only to carry a flash drive minus the printed photographs. Once again, the box was well crafted and featured what we would consider a very detailed engraving. The smaller box has its own charm despite not being able to hold as much as the larger Combo Box.



Overall, if you are a photographer looking to add the next level of presentation to your client’s delivery, then we don’t believe Woody Woodclick products could steer you wrong. Both boxes were wonderfully crafted and make a lasting impression at first glance.


When it comes to pricing, the boxes are sold in sets of 20. If you wish to receive Combo Box #3, you will need to shell out $649, which equates to around $33 per box. The initial price can seem quite shocking, but each box comes out to a decent price. The smaller USB Box #1 that we received costs $609 for a set of 20 and comes out to around $31 per box.

If you are interested, we recommend checking out the Woody Woodclick website and seeing the various options the company offers. They even provide guidelines to help ensure that your logo is engraved in the highest quality possible.