SteadXP on Kickstarter: An External Motion Recorder for Video Stabilization


SteadXP, which we first wrote about in September 2014, is a small box that is promising to stabilize some of your most problematic videos. By using an external system that tracks where in space the camera is currently positioned at any given time, stabilization software can do a more efficient job at making your video nice and smooth. No bulky steadycam or gimbal is needed for this lightweight solution.

There are two versions of the SteadXP available; both include a powerful 32 bit ARM processor, three axis gyroscope, three axis accelerometer, a microSD card slot, and USB connectivity. The standard ‘SteadXP’ is designed for GoPro Hero2, 3, 3+, and 4 devices, while the ‘SteadXP+’ is a variation built for DSLR, mirrorless, and cinematic cameras. The SteadXP+ requires a hot shoe, a stereo microphone input, and a video output from your device.


The SteadXP hardware contains a built-in accelerometer and gyroscope. The accelerometer allows the device to know how it is currently being moved, while the gyroscope tells the devices how the camera is positioned. All movements are recorded alongside your video then the two files are uploaded to your PC for post-processing.

Here are several videos showing what SteadXP can do for video stabilization:

The included software stabilizes all of your footage while reducing unwanted artifacts. Just choose from several stabilization profiles including various action sports, horizon lock, hyperlapse, handheld footage, should rig shot, virtual tripod, and more, to get your desired result. GPU accelerated computation, which is currently a stretch goal on Kickstarter, could allow for previewing real time corrections even with extremely high-resolution 4K video.

Advanced features such as pixel interpolation are available and can ensure black zones don’t occur due to stabilization. Virtual motion blur and advanced reframing are also available. If SteadXP is able to hit yet another stretch goal, the software will be able to auto follow subjects by tracking their faces.

If you’re interested in purchasing a SteadXP, you can can back the device on Kickstarter with a contribution of at least $157. The SteadXP+ can now be backed at $224.