Biiwatch: A Wireless Smartphone Camera Remote for Your Wrist


French smartphone device startup SmartMobilAccessoire is working on a new product called the Biiwatch. It’s a watch-like device that’s worn around the wrist, but instead telling you the time, it’s designed to let you tell your smartphone when to snap a photo.

The startup says that this upcoming device is “the first iPhone wristhand remote control for photo and video.” If you find yourself constantly out and about, the accessory will give you an easy way of triggering your camera’s shutter without having to touch the phone itself (perhaps you’re at a distance, or perhaps you have the phone mounted to your head… or something).

One useful use case is if you have your phone encased in a protective housing that makes it difficult or impossible to trigger the shutter physically. Communication between the watch and an iPhone 4S or 5 is achieved wireless via Bluetooth.

On the “watch” are two buttons: a shutter button for snapping photos or starting/stopping video recording, and a mode changing button that lets you toggle between photo and video modes.


There are also two LED lights that can indicate different things: showing whether you’re in photo or video mode (green/orange flashing), telling you when your smartphone isn’t paired with the device (blue constant/flashing light), and telling you if there are issues or if battery is low (red light).

SmartMobilAccessoire is designing the device to be durable, as it’s both waterproof and shockproof.

Here’s a video showing the watch controlling an iPhone camera remotely:

The Biiwatch is currently in the prototype testing stages. You can follow along with progress and find out more information over on its official Facebook page.