Inside The Camera Bag of… PetaPixel Features Editor Michael Archambault


They say to learn about a person you should look at their bookshelf to see what they read. Similarly, we believe that delving into a photographer’s bag sheds light on their personality and style. Today’s article is the first in a series that explores the bags of professional photographers and, of course, your friends here at PetaPixel. Step inside my bag to see what I carry on a daily basis and the significance of each item.


I’m honored to start off our adventure of bag delving. For those unaware, my name is Michael Archambault, and I am PetaPixel’s Feature Editor. I have been a technology journalist for a while now with publications such as Mobile Nations, DPReview, and WinBeta in my past. In my spare time, I focus on my street photography to capture the world and people around me.

LowePro Passport Messenger Camera and Gear Bag


Let’s start with the bag itself. I have been carrying around LowePro’s Passport Messenger bag for quite a while now. I have always used LowePro bags, but the Messenger is my favorite as it allows me to easily carry around multiple cameras along with my computer, tablet, and other accessories. The inside can also be rearranged to accommodate different needs, which is a wonder when I’m reviewing larger cameras (such as the Lytro ILLUM) or odd shaped cameras (such as the SIGMA dp3). The bag is also incredibly affordable and one I couldn’t recommend more.

Apple MacBook Pro 13” Early 2015


Despite writing about Microsoft for the last few years, I now carry around a MacBook Pro. As a technology journalist and photographer, I find it to be the best machine for my personal use. The long battery life lets me write for hours on end and the powerful processor lets me get substantial work done in Photoshop. Yet the entire unit remains light and compact to carry around. Being the geek that I am, I not only have Mac OS X Yosemite installed, but I also run Ubuntu Vivid Vervet and Windows 10 on a virtual machine.

V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Headphones


I’m in love with music, and my V-MODA M-100 headphones are one of my bag’s absolute necessities. The headphones were designed in a crowdsourcing effort between various audiophiles, journalists, engineers, producers, and fashion experts. They feature the company’s 50mm dual-diaphragm drivers. I’ve used a lot of different headphones, but I still can’t find anything that beats the value of my M-100s. With my headphones, I stream music via Spotify Premium.

Ray-Ban Aviator Carbon Fibre Tech Sunglasses


While I may not be a fashion expert, I do love a good pair of sunglasses. Being a photographer, I want to be able to clearly see the world around me, and the crystal glass on Ray-Ban’s Tech series surpasses my expectations for optical clarity. They are also tinted brown giving the world a warmer look and are made of lightweight carbon fiber. meaning I can wear them for hours without issues.

Fujifilm X100T With Nucis Leather Strap


My personal camera is a Fujifilm X100T that I use for family events, nights on the town, and professional street work. There are a lot of aspects that I love about the X100T and explaining them all would be an article in itself. To keep it short, the camera is my perfect travel companion due to its compact size, unique sensor package, and manual control design. I also have a love for Fujifilm’s film simulations that I utilize within my work. My unit features a red soft shutter release button for a comfortable grip. Attached to the unit is the Nucis Leather ‘Simple Life’ strap that I reviewed when I first arrived at PetaPixel.

Apple iPad Mini 3 Tablet


I used to carry around both an iPad Air 2 and a Kindle Paperwhite. However, I found it much more convenient to take a smaller tablet, the iPad Mini 3, and have it double as my on-the-go computer and eReader. I keep the iPad in my bag if I ever want to kick back to a few games or read a good novel. Right now I’m working on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock tales and Iain Rob Wright’s horror novel ‘The Housemates’.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo and Film


I’m a big fan of digital photography, and while I used to carry a 35mm camera, I found that analog simply wasn’t my game. However, I do carry around Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 90 Neo for fun on the go. I love seeing the look on people’s faces when the photograph pops out of the camera and develops. Older Polaroid fans are filled with a sense of nostalgia while younger kids seem fascinated by the ‘alien process.’ I don’t do any professional work on the camera, but it is a blast to carry around.

Apple iPhone 6 and Apple Watch Sport


I currently carry around an Apple iPhone paired with an Apple Watch Sport. While I’m a big fan of Android and Windows Phone, my line of work requires that I be able to test out a large number of applications that aren’t available on other platforms. The industrial design of the device and interface currently keep me happy and productive. I also wear a 42mm black aluminum Apple Watch Sport on my wrist to give me quick access to email and messaging.

Fujifilm and Apple Chargers


Lastly, I carry around chargers for both of my Fujifilm cameras and my Apple devices. I never know if I’m going to need more power, so it is a safety precaution. The iPhone charger I carry around is made by Amazon and is only 4-inches long, making it perfect for a quick recharge via my Macbook. The Starbucks where I regularly frequent, did just get new Powermat wireless charging spots, so I have a Powermat Ring on the way.