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‘The Bigger Picture’: Flashcards and an App for Photo Challenges and Inspiration



Photography can be a thrilling way to explore the world around us, but sometimes we need a bit of inspiration to get moving. ‘The Bigger Picture Cards’ are a way to not only get inspired but to also learn new photographic skills along the way. Sold as a $15 set of flashcards, the deck includes 50 cards to get you out and shooting. Just draw your selection, accept your challenge, and you are on your way to learning by doing.


The Bigger Picture Cards deck includes 10 knowledge cards and 40 task cards. Each knowledge card has a bit of information on it about composition basics while each task card has an interesting photo challenge to complete. Draw one of each card and you are ready to get started.


Once you’ve solved your task, you can share your progress within the company’s Flickr, Google+, or Facebook communities.

The company behind the project, See The Bigger Picture, has four essential principles that back the deck: Learning by knowing, learning by doing, learning by variety, and learning by sharing. With a total of 450 possible challenges and the motivation to get you snapping more photographs, ‘The Bigger Picture Cards’ are an excellent way to get out and improve your skill set.

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For the technologically-inclined people out there, the company has also released the ‘Bigger Picture’ app for iOS. If you prefer to keep your hands off paper, and instead on your smartphone, then the $7 app might be a great matchup for you. See The Bigger Picture notes that the app has a few advantages over the physical card deck including challenges not being repeated until they have all been completed, being able to set a reminder for your next challenge, the ability to see sample photos for each challenge, and keeping track of what you have already completed.


It should be noted that See The Bigger Picture is a German company, so its communities appear to be primarily in the German language. You can check out the $15 flash card set and $7 app for yourself over on the official website.