LightBox Photography Cards Provide a Deck Full of Photo Inspiration and Challenges


Photographer Paul Michael Kane has created a clever new product that’s designed to inspire and encourage photographers in their creativity and shooting. It’s called LightBox Photography Cards, and is a deck of 52 cards that can help shuffle things up in your photography and “get you out shooting in new and exciting ways.”

Kane says the deck is designed for “beginners all the way to advanced users.” Each card in the deck features a quote from a notable photographer from the past to the present — from the pioneers of photography all the way up to renowned shooters of the modern day.


Flip the cards around, and you’ll find ideas that can provide sparks of creativity. Each card suggests a different photography challenge. One card instructs you to photograph “machinery,” while another tells you to capture “solitude.” The descriptions flesh out what you should look for as you tackle the assignment.


For a random task-o-the-day, just shuffle up your deck and grab a card at random. If you want to approach it with a more structured schedule, the cards are numbered so that you can tackle them in order.

Icons on the cards offer recommendations as to the gear you should use for that task: things like tripods, a flash unit, or filters. Beneath the instructions and tips are a sample photograph for that theme and the photo’s EXIF data.

The decks also come with bonus cards: one is a 3-in-1 gray card for color correcting your images, and the other is a photo cheat sheet with snippets of useful info.


Kane recently turned to Kickstarter to launch this project. The fundraising ended this past week and ended up raising nearly $36,000 from nearly 2,000 photographers. There’s no word yet on if/how non-backers will be able to purchase the cards when they start shipping in May 2015, but you can keep your eye on the Facebook and Google+ pages if you’re interested. The Kickstarter campaign offered the cards at $9 with free shipping.

(via Kickstarter via CreativePro)

Update: Kane informs us that there’s a dedicated website for these cards now. You can use it to place preorders for when the packs start shipping in May. A pack will cost you $10.