Test Your Photo Knowledge with ‘Photo Master Minds’ Card Game

Two boxes labeled "Photo Master Minds Edition 01" and "Edition 02" with geometric designs, lying among various photographic equipment.

A new Kickstarter hopes to fund a photography quiz card game that will test players’ knowledge.

The game, Photo Master Minds, comes in a deck and each of the 50 cards contains descriptions of a notable image from photography history. Moving down the card, players can slowly uncover more descriptions of the image they’re trying to guess. The fewer descriptions needed to get it right, the more points are earned. Each card also includes a QR code to open an image search for the photograph in question.

A person's hand holding a card with printed text over a wooden desk with scattered papers and a box.

“The cards make for a unique game for anyone with a passion for photography who wants to expand their knowledge of iconic photos and photographers,” the Kickstarter page reads. “It is also perfect for people looking for unique and creative gifts for photography lovers, as well as teachers, pupils or students of photography who can use the game as an educational tool to learn more about the history of photography.”

The Kickstarter, hosted by dieMotive in Hamburg, Germany, runs now through Tuesday, June 4, with a crowdfunding goal of $4,940.

A close-up view of an assortment of cards displayed on a table, featuring various qr codes and text details.
PHOTO MASTER MINDS Quiz Cards with linen finish

There are five pledge reward tiers, starting with one each for Edition 01 and Edition 02. Both included 50 cards of photographs to guess with their own color schemes. Both rewards require a pledge of €12 (or about $13 USD), making a 33% discount off the proposed eventual retail price. There’s also a Bundle reward option for pledges of €20 (or about $22 USD), which is a 35% discount off retail. This included both Edition 01 and Edition 02, offering 100 photographers to guess, according to the description. The next tier is a Kickstarter exclusive. It combines the Edition 01 and 02 bundle along with an 18-inch by 24-inch matte poster that reads “A woman with a newborn in her arms” with smaller surrounding text. That’ll require a €35 pledge (or about $38 USD). Finally, there’s the Double Bundle, which includes two copies each of Edition 01 and Edition 02. This is the highest tier and requires a pledge of €37 (or about $40 USD).

A person sitting cross-legged holds a stack of cards with printed text, focusing intently on reading them.
You can also use the game as an educational tool to learn more about the history of photography.
A close-up shot of neatly aligned black boxes with silver text that reads "Photo Master Minds" and geometric patterns. The focus is sharp on the central box.
PHOTO MASTER MINDS with silver print

So far, only Edition 01 and Edition 02 are available, but the Kickstarter notes more could be planned if the crowdfunding goal is exceeded. Some possibilities include a Photojournalism Edition, Fashion Edition, Advertising Edition, Contemporary Edition, or ones based on specific eras.

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Image credits: dieMotive