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Create a DIY Battery Charging Board to Help Organize Your ‘Battery Insanity’


If you have multiple cameras and powered accessories at your disposal, you know that battery charging can quickly become an unorganized nightmare. Prepared to solve one of humanity’s greatest first world problems, the team at Vimeo Video School set out to create a neatly arranged battery charging board. If you choose to follow along and build your own, all you’ll need for this DIY project are a few simple supplies from your local hardware store.


The video crew begins by purchasing a fiberboard and then attaching their various chargers, along with a few power strips and cable management tools, to create the almighty ‘BattBoard’. The result of the team’s hard work is a portable battery charging station for just over $110.


The board even has a hole on one side that lets you move it around and hang it on a wall. Watch the video above if you’d like to see the full build process.