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Mom Goes on TV to Warn About Man Taking Pictures of Her Kids at McDonald’s


Photographer Randall Armor recently wrote an article about the war on photographers in which one scary ‘P’ word is being thrown around: the accusation of being a pedophile. News stories like the one above don’t help the cause.

The 3-minute segment features an interview with a mother who called her local news station’s whistleblower hotline. She says she and her family were “disturbed” and “shaken” recently after discovering a man taking pictures of her kids at a McDonald’s restaurant.

KVLY-TV 11 reports that the mom and her five kids were eating at a McDonald’s in West Fargo, North Dakota, when she left her kids at the play area and went to use the restroom. When she returned, she noticed a man taking pictures of her kids with a disposable camera.


“Terrifying, I don’t think anyone should be able to take pictures of your kids,” the mother says. “When it’s pictures of your own kids, it’s a different story.”

She approached the man, took away his camera, and waited for police to arrive. Her claim is that the man had stuffed animals in his van and that he waited for her to go to the bathroom before starting to take pictures.

Although the man was kicked out of the restaurant, the local police department is confirming that taking pictures in a public place is lawful as long as the photos aren’t for commercial purposes.

Even so, the manager at the restaurant says that if the man returns with his camera, he’ll be asked to leave.

(via Valley News Live via Reddit)