Shooting Colored Powder Portraits for McDonald’s

Thursday, September 29, 2016. It's 10:00 am and I have a meeting at Boulogne in the office of the White Dog agency. Everything starts with a good coffee and an announcement: "We are going to realize the new McPlace internal communication campaign for McDonald's."

Mom Goes on TV to Warn About Man Taking Pictures of Her Kids at McDonald’s

Photographer Randall Armor recently wrote an article about the war on photographers in which one scary 'P' word is being thrown around: the accusation of being a pedophile. News stories like the one above don't help the cause.

The 3-minute segment features an interview with a mother who called her local news station's whistleblower hotline. She says she and her family were "disturbed" and "shaken" recently after discovering a man taking pictures of her kids at a McDonald's restaurant.

Is the World Ready for Wearable Cameras (Or Cyborgs)?

Professor and self-proclaimed cyborg Steve Mann created an eye and memory-aid device he calls the EyeTap Digital Glass. The EyeTap, worn by Mann above on the left, is a wearable device that is similar to Google Eye, pictured right, but he's been making them at home since the 1980s. The goal of his project is to use images to aid memory, or even to augment the memories of people with Alzheimer's Disease or who simply want to preserve their memories more permanently. However, a recent misunderstanding over Mann's technology allegedly caused a confrontation between Mann and several employees at a Paris McDonald's restaurant.

Happy Meal Photographed Weekly Shows No Change After Half Year

New York City photographer Sally Davies purchased a McDonalds Happy Meal on April 10th of this year and left it out uncovered on her coffee table to prove wrong a friend who said it would rot after only a few days. After about two weeks of photographing the food, Davies realized that absolutely nothing was happening, so she began taking pictures once a week. After 180 days Davies shot the 27th photograph, with the meal looking almost identical to when she first bought it. The 1st and 27th photograph taken half a year apart are shown above.

McDonald’s Viral Time Lapse Coffee Ad

Here's an interesting advertisement created for McDonald's free coffee promotion that's running from November 16-29 in Canada. It was shot using three Canon 5D Mark II cameras and took 660 liters (~175 gallons) of coffee.