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Video: How Rosco Makes Its Swatchbook of Colored Filter Samples


If you’re a fan of both photography and the TV show How It’s Made, here’s a behind-the-scenes video that might be of interest to you. Rosco just released this 1-minute video showing how it creates its Roscolux swatchbooks, which contain a small sample filter of almost every Roscolux filter.

We see that the individual filter sheets are gathered by hand, arranged into large stacks, and then turned into individual booklets with the help of a guillotine machine. This is “the care and attention to detail that goes into making the most popular tool for choosing Rosco colors,” Rosco says.

P.S. Rosco says that the swatchbooks are meant for selecting the color you need and are “not designed to be taken apart and filters used on strobe,” but many photographers ignore the intended usage and use the samples directly on strobes and lenses.