PicJoy Wants to Help You Auto-Organize Your iPhone Photo Library


Like many other photo loving enthusiasts, I carry a large number of photographs around on my iPhone. If you utilize a service such as Apple’s iCloud, then you could also automatically be syncing thousands of images from your master collection for on the go viewing. With hundreds, or even thousands, of photographs to organize there has to be an easier way. Hit Labs believes they have a solution with their intelligent organizing photo library app for iOS, Picjoy.

Picjoy is a free application that aims at helping you organize your collection, so you can quickly locate pictures when they are needed. A collection of information surrounding the photograph is gathered including the date, season, weather condition, holiday, possible event, nearby landmarks, and other places. Once the data is analyzed and recorded, you can “find any image in seconds, regardless of where it’s stored.”


Currently, Picjoy only supports indexing photographs in your iPhone’s camera roll and iCloud, but support for Dropbox, Google Drive, and Amazon Photos are coming soon. In the meantime, feel free to created collections, or ‘stories’, of your favorite memories to keep them together in a single spot. You can also take Picjoy to the next level by manually adding your own tags to photographs.

We quickly played around with Picjoy and found it to be a wonderful free application. In fact, as of this article’s publishing, Picjoy has five out of five stars in the Apple App Store. The interface is easy to navigate, and despite having over 3,500 photographs on my device, everything was cataloged well.

For more information, and to download Picjoy for yourself, please visit their website by clicking here.