This Graph Captures the Struggle of Organizing Your Photo Library

The photo organization struggle is real. Whether you're a professional photographer shooting thousands of photos per client, or a hobbyist who can't resist grabbing your phone for every sunset, today's xkcd comic captures your photo organization struggles beautifully.

KwiltKeys Keyboard for iOS Puts Photos From Various Apps At Your Fingertips

Have you ever wished that you could quickly access your photos from 3rd party apps on your iPhone as quickly as you access your Camera Roll photos? KwiltKeys is a new third-party keyboard for iOS that helps you quickly find and select photos that are stored both on your device and through different services. Just download the software to your device and you are ready to post any of your photographs within your favorite apps in seconds.

PicJoy Wants to Help You Auto-Organize Your iPhone Photo Library

Like many other photo loving enthusiasts, I carry a large number of photographs around on my iPhone. If you utilize a service such as Apple’s iCloud, then you could also automatically be syncing thousands of images from your master collection for on the go viewing. With hundreds, or even thousands, of photographs to organize there has to be an easier way. Hit Labs believes they have a solution with their intelligent organizing photo library app for iOS, Picjoy.