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Behold: The Crazy Capacity of a 512GB Memory Card


If you don’t mind shelling out $880 on a single memory card and putting all your eggs in one basket, you can buy Lexar’s 512GB CF card (or SanDisk’s 512GB SD card for $600). To give you a better idea of just how massive these capacities are, photographer Jared Polin stuck his 512GB card into his Nikon D4s and documented it in the video above.


The card takes a moment to read because it has so much storage space. When the camera does figure out shots remaining, it shows that you can capture 13,800 16MP RAW photos… and 347,000 JPEG Basic photographs:


To put that number into perspective, consider this: the Nikon D4s has a shutter that’s rated for 400,000 actuations. That means you can use up over 86% the life expectancy of the camera’s shutter in filling up a single memory card with JPEGs.