This is 512GB Crammed into a Tiny microSD Card for Photographers


Want a lot of storage space for photos in a very tiny package? The California-based company Microdia has unveiled a new microSD card that can hold a whopping 512GB of data in a card that’s smaller than a fingernail.

The folks over at CNET spotted the new card on display at the Computex computer expo in Taipei. CNET writes that Microdia is trying to target professional photographers who need massive storage and fast transfer speeds of up to 300MBps.

The SDXC specification allows for memory cards of up to 2 terabytes, but it seems we’ve only pushed the 512GB threshold up to this point. Microdia is saying that the memory card will cost upwards of $1,000 when it hits store shelves in July. The exact final retail price has yet to be announced.

Back in April, we shared a video showing how crazy 512GB of storage is for a camera — on a Nikon D4s, you can shoot 13,800 16MP RAW photos and 347,000 JPEGs.

Image credits: Photograph by Aloysius Low/CNET