A Look at the Service Repair Receipt for the Nikon D750 Flare Fix


In mid-January, Nikon started offering completely free repairs for D750 to fix the flare issue that was discovered in some units. Photographer Jared Polin of FroKnowsPhoto was one D750 owner who took advantage of the service advisory. He tells us he just got his camera back yesterday, and the receipt above shows the repairs that were made.

The entire fix process — sending the camera off, having it repaired, and receiving the package back — took about one week and didn’t cost Polin a cent. Here’s a closer look at the items on the list:


“They pretty much ripped the camera apart to fix the issue,” Polin writes on his blog. The repair technicians replaced the front of the camera and many of the rubber components on the exterior.

And yes, the camera did come back with a black dot scribbled into the tripod socket to indicate that it was a fixed camera:


“Overall I am extremely happy that this was taken care of at no cost to me for anything,” Polin says. “Now let’s hope Nikon doesn’t have too many issues with future cameras.”