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Yongnuo Products Are Now Carried by B&H, Including a Canon Lens Clone



Yongnuo has taken another big step towards legitimacy as a third party brand for camera gear. The Chinese company’s wares are now being carried by B&H, the largest non-chain camera store in the United States and one of the largest gear retailers in the world.

A quick search for “yongnuo” over at B&H currently brings up 42 different products that include flash accessories, flashes, and a single lens (the Yongnuo 50mm f/1.8 clone of the Canon “Nifty Fifty”).


Much of this gear was only available through places like eBay or Amazon in the past. This new development means that you can purchase Yongnuo gear and receive it faster and more reliably from a US-based warehouse rather than having it shipped directly to you from Yongnuo’s warehouse overseas.

However, those direct outlets may still have an advantage over B&H when it comes to price. When the Yongnuo 50mm f/1.8 first hit the market, it cost just $41 over on eBay. It now sells for ~$55 on eBay and $85 through B&H.


No word yet on when we’ll see Yongnuo’s other clone lenses for sale on B&H.