The Spectre Long Exposure App for iPhone is Now Free


The popular iPhone camera app Halide has announced that its artificial intelligence-powered Long Exposure Camera App Spectre will now be free to all users in version 1.5, but it also adds a Pro version for a one-time purchase of $4.99.

Typically, shooting long exposure photographs will require something to stabilize the camera to prevent any shaking as well as requiring you to make adjustments to the exposure settings, something that most smartphones don’t give control over out of the box. With Spectre’s artificial intelligence (AI) help, that is taken care of by leveraging Apple’s Neural Engine Processor, giving users the ability to focus solely on the scene they are trying to capture and not worry about using a tripod and mount.

Each image captured by the app is saved to the device as a “Live Photo” that allows users to replay each exposure “as it happened” as well as the finished long exposure.

Using the Spectre app to capture these long exposures gives users the ability to erase crowds from busy locations, capture light trails from passing traffic, smooth out rough seas and water along the coastline, and much more.

The team behind Spectre decided to make the core experience of the app free because they thought it would be a great way for people to get started with their long exposure photography journey. The base version of the app will let all users take long exposure photographs (with AI stabilization) for up to three seconds. 

Should users decide to make the one-time purchase of $4.99 to unlock the pro version (Spectre Pro), users would gain access to additional 5, 9, 15, and 30-second exposure modes, giving them much more creative flexibility with their mobile photography, as well as “an extremely professional and shiny new icon” to show off to fellow mobile photo enthusiasts.

Anyone already using the previous version of Spectre will automatically be upgraded to Spectre Pro, giving them access to all of the new features (including the 15 and 30-second exposure modes) automatically.

“We like to take care of our earliest supporters, and we’ll always continue to do so! If our early supporters can also support future development by purchasing a cosmetic ‘Pro’ upgrade in-app to unlock the special icon,” the company says.

The free version 1.5 version of Spectre is available to download now from the official website and the Apple App store.

Image credits: Halide, Spectre