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LenzBuddy: Custom Lens and Body Caps for Branding and Ease of Use



Lens and camera body caps aren’t usually very informative or personalized, and LenzBuddy wants to change that. The Dallas, Texas-based business sells custom lens caps that help photographers both add branding to their gear and find lenses in their bags more quickly.


Founder and photographer Brian Herbert came up with the idea for the business back in the summer of 2012 when he was digging through his camera bag. He was using a permanent market and masking tape to label his equipment, but wondered if there was a better solution.

Thus, LenzBuddy was born. The lens caps are designed to look nice, protect your gear, and transform your camera bag into a “totally organized” system.


LenzBuddy says that some of the largest rental companies in the camera business use its lens caps in order to identify their sizable inventories and to promote their brand.


The caps are available in both front and back varieties for Canon and Nikon lenses. Non-personalized caps cost $10, personalized pre-made ones cost $15, and fully customized ones (i.e. upload their own artwork using a downloadable template) cost $18.


You can also buy body caps for your Canon and Nikon DSLRs for the same price points for lens caps listed above.

Head on over to the LenzBuddy website if you’d like to give these custom caps a closer look. There’s also a small “inspiration” page showing some example designs.