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This is What the Sunset Would Look Like if Your Eyes Could See Like a Hydrogen Alpha Telescope



Astrophotographer extraordinaire Göran Strand created this neat composite image to explore an interesting ‘what if?’ scenario: What if your eyes could see the sun the way a Hydrogen Alpha Telescope does? What would a sunset look like then?

The answer is the image above, created by combining a photo of a beautiful sunset taken through a normal telephoto lens, and a photo of the sun captured through a Hydrogen Alpha Telescope. The second shot was scaled down to match the apparent size of the sun in the regular white light photo.

If you’re curious about the location, Strand reveals that the shot was taken in May of 2013 on the island of Frösön, close to Östersund, Sweden.

To see more from the astrophotographer, head over to his website or give him a follow on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram. You can also see more of his work buried in our archives.

Image credits: Image by Göran Strand and used with permission