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Video: How to Choose and Use Graduated ND Filters for Landscape Photography


Graduated ND (neutral density) filters have been a staple of landscape photography for a long time now, but if you’ve never taken the time to learn how these simple but useful tools work, this solid video guide will run you through the basics and then some.

Put together by PhotoPlus Mag last year, the four-minute video features Hollie Latham explaining the basics of graduated ND filters and highlighting their usefulness when you’re out shooting landscape images

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 11.30.20 AM

First, Latham shows off and breaks down what exactly a graduated ND filter is. She then explains its purpose in landscape photography by showing you how the filter can turn a subpar image into something quite stunning when used properly. She concludes the piece by giving some general tips for shooting with and choosing a proper filter.

It’s a proper and concise rundown that makes for both a good introduction and refresher depending on your skill level. Check it out for yourself up top, and if you’d like to see more from PhotoPlus Mag, you can head on over to their YouTube channel by clicking here.

(via The Phoblographer)