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The Nikon D750’s Unsecured WiFi Network Means Anyone with a Smartphone Can Get Your Photos



This piece of news might be concerning to those who already have or are looking to get their hands on Nikon’s new D750 camera. According to a report, the WiFi app built into the D750 automatically uses an unsecure connection to transfer images from your camera, which means anybody with a WiFi-capable device and some know-how could get their hands on your photos.

The report comes from Amateur Photographer Technical Editor Andy Westlake, who discovered this flaw after he started to tinker with a D750. The report further elaborates:

If you have Wi-Fi turned on, anyone with a smart device and the Nikon Wireless Mobile Utility can connect to the camera and download images from the memory card without the owner’s permission.


To ensure this wasn’t a one-off situation, the Amateur Photographer team tried it out and confirmed that there is no indication from the camera that someone else is viewing your images. It’s worth noting though that only one device can connect to the camera at a time, so if you’re connected to your camera, your information is safe, regardless.

Amateur Photographer says Nikon has advised D750 owners to manually activate the security settings in the Nikon Wireless Mobile Utility to prevent unauthorized access to the cameras information. However, if you don’t read through the instructions properly and change the appropriate settings, your images could be at risk.

(via Nikon Rumors)