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Fuji’s New Instax Wide 300 Brings Large Format Instant Photography to a New Generation


Left Angle_ON

Larger format instant photography is certainly nothing new, but a whole new generation of hipsters and film enthusiasts will now get to know it thanks to Fuji’s new Instax Wide 300: a large format Insta camera that uses 86mm x 108mm instant film.

Meant, at least according to Fuji, for ‘professional and enthusiast instant film shooters,’ the Wide 300 features an optical viewfinder, built-in electronic flash, a 95mm lens with two focus zones (0.9m to 3m and 3m to infinity), a tripod socket and an included ‘close-up adapter’ for taking photos as close as 15.5-inches away from your subject.

Back_Right Angle

In addition to the Wide 300, Fuji also added some color options to the rest of its Instax line. The Mini 8 now comes in Raspberry and Grape:

Leftangle_on (2)


While the popular (and very fun) Mini 90 Neo Classic has been given “a sophisticated brown and silver finish”:

4.Left angle


The Wide 300 (and the new Mini 8 and Mini 90 color schemes) will be available in Spring of 2015. The Wide 300 will only run you $130, which doesn’t sound bad until you find out that each twin pack of 20 prints costs you $32. You can pre-order it here.