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Lumy: A Beautifully Simple iOS App That Will Make Sure You Never Miss Golden Hour



In the past, we’ve shared both PhotoPills and Golden Hour with you, two much-loved apps that help you plan when the best time to shoot is. Well, today we have add new contender to the lineup.

It’s called Lumy, and in terms of functionality, it falls somewhere between the feature-rich PhotoPills and super-simple Golden Hour, offering only what you need and nothing more through a simple, intuitive and beautiful design.

Lumy is based around the Golden Hour (sometimes referred to as the Magic Hour), which is the time of day when the sun is just rising or just setting and the light is giving off its warmest, most subtle glow. Perfect for everything from portraiture to landscape, it’s the time of day many photographers set their watches by.

The problem is, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of when this time will be, let alone plan ahead for a shoot well in advance. Lumy solves this issue by allowing you to set up an unlimited number of custom notifications that will alert you ahead of ‘golden hour.’




Each notification not only tells you the time golden hour begins, but also details the weather condition, the percentage of sky that will be blocked by clouds, as well as the location you set the notification for — which can use your device’s GPS or a custom-set location.

Equally functional on iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, individual notifications will be displayed in a chronological list, complete with details upon swiping left. To turn on and off the notifications, simply swipe to the right.

The app is available for $2 on the iOS App Store. So, if you’re looking for a convenient golden hour alarm clock, head on over and give it try.