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PhotoPills is Officially Available for Android


One of the most popular location scouting and photography planning apps in the world is getting its long-(long-long-long-)awaited debut on Android. Android users, meet PhotoPills.

After a full year of development, the PhotoPills team has finally finished porting their very popular iOS app to Android, complete with all the same features and functionality as the iPhone version. Whether you’re trying to figure out when and where the sun will set, moon will rise, milky way will be, and a whole lot more more, PhotoPills has you covered.

“We know a lot of photographers have been waiting for a really long time for an Android version of PhotoPills… unfortunately, it wasn’t possible for us to start working on it until February 2016,” explains the company on their special Android update page. “One year later, we’re now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.”

They’re not quite out of the tunnel yet—full release is expected at the end of the month—but you can already get your hands on PhotoPills for Android as part of their public beta. For $10 (same as iOS) you can pick it up right now from the Google Play store… just let PhotoPills know if you find any bugs so they can perfect they’re newly released app.