Lens Between Us: Couple Documents Their Travels with Simultaneous Portraits of Each Other


Globe-trotting photographer couple Peter Sedlacik and Zuzu Galova have found a fun way to document their travels around the world. Wherever they are, they face each other, frame up a great composition, and take a picture of each other… taking a picture of each other.

Thus was born the photo series/project Lens Between Us, which is quickly scooping up followers on Tumblr, Facebook and Instagram alike.

The resulting diptychs are creative, well-composed, and whimsical in the best way. A tribute to how their focus is always on each other, the images are part travel photography, part portraiture, and challenging to boot since each shot requires that they figure out not one, but two compositions.


We caught up with Peter and Zuzu to see if they would answer a few questions about the project for us. Here’s what they had to say.

PetaPixel: How did Lens Between Us start? What was the inspiration behind the project?

Peter and Zuzu: About a year ago, we were thinking of how to take a picture of us in some creative way. We both take a lot of pictures, it’s really easy to find us with the cameras. Therefore we put ourselves in front of carefully thought out backgrounds or cleverly placed objects that give the viewer a sense of playfulness – as well as enlightening them to an interesting perspective of how we can be looking at each other in the same location and see two entirely different things.


PP: How does each set of photos come together? It must be interesting searching out two simultaneous compositions that are both compelling.

P&Z: It needs good eye for details. Find the same moment, get the same composition, etc. And also we are trying to find the best looking ones


PP: Are there any interesting tidbits or stories from your travels that you think our readers would enjoy?

P&Z: Sometimes it´s interesting how people look at us, when they see us taking photos of each other while taking photos of each other. They sometimes think that we are crazy. Maybe it looks bit weird, but once when photos are done, edited and together, the results don’t look that bad …


PP: What about challenges you’ve run into? Is there a story behind one of the pairs of photographs that stands out?

P&Z: For us it was always fun. Each place has different story or memory, but it´s more about where we are and what we do (once we are not taking pictures of each other). We are planning to travel more, so maybe there will be some challenges…


PP: Any future plans for the series?

P&Z: Now, since we have been living in Sydney, we would like to travel around Australia, and then maybe little bit of New Zealand or Tasmania. We will see, where we will end up.












To follow along as Peter and Zuzu continue their adventures, be sure to check out the Lens Between Us Tumblr, Facebook and Instagram accounts and give them a follow.

Image credits: Photographs by Peter Sedlacik and Zuzu Galova/Lens Between Us and used with permission