This Photographer Couple Travels Full-Time: They’re Voluntarily Homeless

Naomi and Elia Locardi live many a photographer’s dream. They are location independent (read: voluntarily homeless). In other words, they travel full-time, leading photo tours and workshops around the globe and living in “the world” instead of any particular city or even country.

In the latest Episode of SmugMug Films, Elia and Naomi invite you into their world where you can see the pros and cons of this unusual life they lead and join them at some truly incredible photography locations in Japan and Italy.

If you’re at all enamored by the idea of traveling, prepare to have your wanderlust turned up to 11.

To SmugMug‘s credit, this video is not just one big dose of travel porn. Elia and Naomi don’t shy away from talking about the challenges of the nomadic lifestyle—not having a home to come back to is rife with challenges that most of us never have to deal with.

In the end, their choice to live this way is just that: their choice. It’s the right lifestyle for this couple at this point in their lives, and each challenge comes with its requisite upside.

Check out the video up top to meet Elia and Naomi and get a peek at their unusual, wanderlust-inducing life. And then, if you want to see more, visit Elia’s website or follow him and Naomi on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.