Creative Couple’s Photos ‘Meet in the Middle’ as they Travel the World Apart

Unlike the nomadic travel photography couple we featured yesterday, traveling couple Becca and Dan frequently explore the world apart. And when they do, they use their creative photography to “meet in the middle” … well, digitally at least.

Becca and Dan are the couple behind the Instagram account @halfhalftravel. Dan is currently doing a year of traveling and visiting a new city every month while New York City-based Becca travels quite a bit for fun. As they told PetaPixel, since they’re frequently traveling apart, “our photos meet in the middle when we can’t.”

Somehow, they always find a way to mash up photos from opposite sides of the world in oddly satisfying ways. Here are a few of Becca and Dan’s favorites, which they were kind enough to share with PetaPixel:

This last one is cheating, since they were together in both sides, but we like it anyway:

To see more creative diptychs and follow along as the duo continues to travel apart and take photos together, head over to their Instagram account and give them a follow.

Image credits: All photographs by Becca and Dan, and used with permission.