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How Much Do Publications Pay for Freelance Work? ‘Wiki’ Shares Names, Fees and More



Who Pays Photographers? is a Tumblr dedicated to demystifying at least some of the compensation standards held by many editorial clients throughout the world.


As photographers, one of the most difficult aspects of using it as a form of income is determining what is and isn’t deemed appropriate compensation for our work.

An almost taboo topic amongst photographers and even more so amongst editorial clients, the talk of pay is one that rarely gets brought to the front-lines. Ultimately, this leaves those looking to get into editorial gigs have a much larger barrier to entry, as less information is known by both parties.


By utilizing anonymity and a unique wiki-style reference spreadsheet, Who Pays Photographers? gathers information from past photographers, in hopes to build up an effective archive for others to reference. Both print and online publications are included, as well as more detailed information such as whether or not the clients cover expenses, how long it takes pay to go through, and pros and cons of each client.

It’s a wonderful resource for photographers of all genres and disciplines. But even more crucial for those looking to dip their toes into the more editorial-style clientele. You can head on over to their site, here, and give the spreadsheet a glance, here.

(via The Click)