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Best Photobomb Ever? Queen Sneaks Into Selfie at Commonwealth Games


Most of the time, portraits of the royal family might be described as ‘stoic.’ But the most recent photograph of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II isn’t ‘stoic’ at all, in fact it might be better described as ‘sneaky.’

The Queen was walking around the Commonwealth Games earlier today when she ran across Jayde Taylor and Brookie Peris from the Australian hockey team taking a selfie. Rather than stoically stepping out of the frame, her Majesty decided to show off her lighter side and photobombed the duo.

You can see the photobomb-in-progress here:

The caption to the Instagram and Twitter post reads “Ahhh The Queen photo-bombed our selfie!!” and comes complete with the appropriate trio of hashtags: #royalty, #sheevensmiled and #amazing.

We have to say, we don’t typically support selfie taking, but after a somber game against Malaysia — both teams played wearing black armbands in honor of those who lost their lives in the recent Malaysia Airlines disaster — the lighthearted moment with her Majesty put a smile on our faces.

(via BuzzFeed)