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Peak Perfectly Balances Form and Function with New Slide and Clutch Accessories


When it comes to well-designed camera accessories, one company that is continuously at the top of their game is Peak Design. You probably know them for their popular Peak Capture Camera clip, but soon you’ll know them for a new piece of gear: The Peak Slide and Clutch.

First, let’s take a look at what each of these are. The first is the Peak Slide camera sling. A sling strap, shoulder strap and neck strap hybrid, the Peak Slide uses Peak’s unique one-hand Anchor Link connection system, along with a padded tubular seat-belt-style webbing, to create a simple but versatile camera strap.


As you can see in the video below, the goal was to implement all the pros from other camera straps on the market and remove all the cons, thereby creating the ultimate strap for photographers. In the end, they ended up with a quality product that combines the best of both form and function.

The next product is the Peak Clutch hand strap. Following in the footsteps of the aforementioned Slide, Peak’s goal with Clutch was to create the best hand strap out there, drawing the best from other straps on the market and leaving out all the unnecessary stuff. The result is a hand strap that is easy to attach and remove, and looks quite nice doing it.


In the video below, Peak Design goes through the details of the hand strap. As you can see, the strap makes use of the Peak Anchor Links, a comfort hand pad, a unique quick-cinch system and features hardware inspired by high-end climbing gear:

These two new products are currently still in their Kickstarter funding stage, so don’t get too excited. That being said, both are definitely coming to market given the crowdfunding campaign is currently sitting at almost $350k… their initial goal was only $50k.

The handy infographic below will let you know what you can expect to shell out to get one or both of these for yourself:


The campaign is set to end on August 15th, with a planned shipping date of October of this year assuming Peak doesn’t run into any delays. If you’d like to make your pledge or find out more about Peak’s latest products, head on over to the Kickstarter campaign by clicking here.