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Leevia is a Petition Site that Understands and Leverages the Power of Photography

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The number of words a picture may or may not be worth aside, there’s something intrinsically more powerful about a cause when it is backed up by quality photography.

This is the thought at the foundation of a new website called Leevia, a photography-driven petition platform that draws inspiration from movements like the Bring Back Our Girls campaign that spread through social media like wildfire.

In most cases, petitions are a text-based method of taking a stand against something, but the four-man team at Leevia hopes to change that age-old approach. By putting a visual, crowd-sourced spin on causes, Leevias founders hope they’ve built a better platform for not just reaching others, but earning their support.


Set up in a similar fashion to Kickstarter or GoFundMe, Leevia allows anyone to create a photo petition. Once you’ve added a description of the petition you’ve created, you can have others ‘support’ and contribute photos relevant to the petition.

By using photography to better support these petitions, Leevia has created a niche that they alone fit into snuggly. Still in its early stages (public beta to be precise) it’s a bit lacking in content at the moment — and there are still a few user experience issues to sort out — but the framework is solid and from here on out, a great deal of its success will depend on us image-makers who are wanting to support and/or petition a cause.

To see some of the petitions already up on Leevia or if you’d like to learn more about this photography-driven awareness website, you can head on over to their discovery and how it works pages by following those links.

1 Comment