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Canon Patents a Multi-Layer Image Sensor with Five Layers Instead of Three



Remember the advent of multi-blade shaving razors? Single blades gave way to two blades and then three, four and five. There are even a six+ blade razors out there in case you want a REALLY close shave. Well, a fresh Canon sensor patent has us wondering if the same thing isn’t happening to digital sensors.

Canon has patented a Foveon-like sensor before — a type of sensor, initially implemented by Sigma, that uses individual layers for detecting red, green and blue — but the company’s newest multi-layer sensor patent shows not three, but five layers.

Say hello to the Gillette Fusion of multi-layer sensors: a Foveon-like creation that sports individual layers for red, green, blue, UV and IR detection.


This is said to enhance color reproduction, particularly for skin tones which, as we all know, is pretty important in photography.

Originally found/reported on by Northlight Images, the site points out that this type of design might cause more problems than it solves. The site maintains that the additional layers would “cause issues for current lens designs,” as well as “require a major re-write for support from RAW converter software.”

More trouble than it’s worth? It’s probably wise to refrain from too many predictions while this idea is still in patent form, but feel free to drop your opinions in the comments down below.

(via Northlight Images)

P.S. By the way, general wisdom dictates that a single blade razor still offers a better shave, and where replacements for Gillette’s 5-blade razor system cost $25+, a single razor blade costs less than a dollar. We’ll let the analogy sink in.