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Here, Look: An iOS App for Creating Quick, Disposable Photo Albums to Show Friends



There are those dreaded moments in everyone’s life when you hand your phone over to someone to show them a collection of images you’ve saved or captured on your phone, only to have them continue swiping well past what you intended them to, possibly wandering into dangerous territory.

This, however, could become an issue of the past thanks to a new iOS app called Here, Look.

What Here, Look does is allow you to create custom, disposable photo albums that you can show off to someone without the nagging fear of them over-swiping.


To create the album, you simply open up the app, select the images you want to show off, and then hand over your phone. Here, Look makes sure that whoever is browsing through the images can only see the ones you’ve selected, keeping your more private photos safe from curious eyes.

Here, Look is available for just $1 on the iOS App Store, so if you struggle with friends and family who enjoy swiping through one too many photos when you’re just trying to show off your puppy doing something cute, go pick up a copy at the link above.

(via Lifehacker via One Thing Well)