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Gudak Lets You Use Your iPhone Like a Kodak Disposable Camera


Gudak is a new charming little app developed by Korean startup Screw Bar that brings the feeling of using a Kodak disposable camera to your smartphone.

Open up the app and you have a “film roll” of 24 shots. There’s a tiny viewfinder, simulating the experience with an actual disposable, and after you’ve finished taking images you can send your photos away to your phone’s own private photo lab.

The photos are then held for 3 days until they’re “processed” and released to you. You also have to wait 12 hours until you can start a new roll, so you are forced to be extra selective with what photos you take.

You even have the aesthetics of “random light leaks” introduced into some of the photos, as well as the typical disposable camera color cast you may be familiar with.

The Gudak camera app is available from the iTunes store for $0.99.

(via Screw Bar via The Verge)