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A Day In the Awesome Life of Roadtripping Time-Lapse Photographer Joel Schat


Roadtrippers claims to be the first and only website dedicated specifically to road travels. “Discovering America’s best lodging & attractions”, the website has a YouTube channel dedicated to sharing footage of these locations and attractions, most of which are done so in a time-lapse fashion.

Who is it that captures these time-lapses though? And what type of work goes into them? Their latest video answers those questions and more.

Called “Shooting with Schat: A Day in the Life,” Roadtrippers.com time-lapse photographer Joel Schat takes you on a journey through his daily routines when it comes to capturing time-lapses in some of the most beautiful scenery the US has to offer (specifically the Grand Canyon in this BTS). He writes,

I can hear my alarm going off, although I don’t want to acknowledge it as I was up shooting the Milkyway until around 2 am the night before and am still very tired, running off around 4 hours of sleep. hits snooze

5 minutes later the second alarm starts going off so I decided to pull the curtain back and check the weather to see if its worth waking up for. Each morning while still mainly asleep I hope that its cloudy but upon looking out the window and seeing the first bit of light starting to warm the sky I know it will be a gorgeous one so I immediately start to rush out of bed and get the camera gear together wondering to myself.. Why did I want it to be cloudy? Why did I sleep through my first alarm?

Once the fresh air hits my face I know i’m awake now and well.. you can watch the video and see what a day in my life is like!

Be warned: your job might not seem very appealing after seeing what Schat gets to do.