How to Shoot Day-to-Night Time-lapses Using Bulb Ramping

It goes without saying; a time-lapse can be difficult to shoot. A transitional time-lapse from day to night can be even more of a challenge and hassle. That is, unless you’re prepared with the right tools for the job.

That’s why photographer and timelapse connoisseur Joel Schat has come around with an extremely informative video walkthrough of creating a remarkable time-lapse with the assistance of a Promote Control.

The process involves using the Promote Control for ‘bulb ramping’. Upon choosing a composition and an appropriate aperture, the Promote will do the brunt of the work. There is setting up of the Promote unit involved, but what you get is phenomenal time-lapse imagery that will impress.

Bulb ramping with the Promote Control

Bulb ramping is the process of modifying exposure settings on a camera in order to maintain a desired exposure value while the camera is in Bulb mode. Put simply, bulb ramping overall improves the quality of the time-lapse footage by creating a smooth transition and minimizing flickering due to changing light – especially if you’re shooting your time lapse from day to night, or vice-versa. As such, bulb ramping effectively reduces post-production time.

The six-step tutorial along with some very helpful supplementary information is available in text form on Joel Schat’s website.

(via Reddit)