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Nick Fancher Informs and Inspires in Andy Newman’s ‘Why We Create’ Series


Cinematographer Andy Newman has put together a series called Why We Create in an effort to gain a glimpse behind why we, as artist, make what we do.

One of his latest installments in the series features photographer Nick Fancher — known for his work for ESPN, The Ohio State University, and Jackthreads — going about his day as he explains via voiceover what it is that draws him to create the images he does.

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 11.29.23 AM

We all have a reason for capturing what we do. Sometimes it’s more profound, sometimes it’s summed up by a simple and inexplicable “because,” but there’s always a reason. The Why We Create series does a great job of uncovering those reasons for artists of all disciplines, in the process making us, as photographers, feel connected to the art world as a whole.

It’s a short watch at just under four minutes, and offers up a great dose of motivation as you prepare to take on another week.

(via ISO 1200)