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Photojojo Gets Into the Rental Market, Will Offer Drones, Old Polaroid Cameras & More



Photojojo comes from humble beginnings as a newsletter for the photography community, but it is a humble newsletter no more. Since those days, it has evolved into one of the go-to resources for the latest trendy gear, gadgets and accessories, and today, they announced their expansion into yet another market: rentals.

Unlike the more common rental sites we’re accustomed to hearing about, such as LensRentals and BorrowLenses, Photojojo is keeping it interesting and carving out a niche by offering gear that goes way beyond what many others offer.

Here are just a few things they’re planning to rent out:

  • Drones
  • High-speed cameras
  • Vintage Polaroid cameras (including film)
  • Custom photobooths
  • 3D Cameras
  • Large format cameras
  • Yet-to-be-released Kickstarter photography projects
  • Google Glass


Another way in which Photojojo is approaching rentals differently than the other companies out there is that, rather than focusing on the gear itself, they’re sharing projects and examples of what the gear can do. They’re essentially selling you the experience, the gear is just the vehicle for having these experiences.

That being said, there is one temporary but notable pitfall: Considering how fragile and large some of these rental items are, Photojojo is only offering rentals to be picked up at their San Francisco store at this time. Eventually, they’ll begin shipping their items out for use… but for now it’s pick-up only.

Pricing is yet to be determined, but it’s safe to say that no matter what price they go with, it’ll likely be much more sensible to rent these items than it is to go out and buy them.

You can sign up as a beta user for the new rental service today. Public availability debuts May 15th.