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Humor: DigitalRev Puts Together a List of 10 Ways to Annoy a Photography Snob


We all know them, some of us might BE them, and many of us have been annoyed by them: the photography snob. Well, DigitalRev has put together a sort of ode to photo snobs by listing out 10 ways to annoy the favorite snob in your life.

In typical DigitalRev fashion, there are a couple of crude jokes and the occasional curse word, but if you can get past that, dare we say this is one of the funner DigitalRev videos we’ve seen in a while.

Kai plays the role of the snob while Lok performs every photography snop faux pas in the books and gets on Kai’s nerves — from not using a camera strap, to using an ISO over 200, to shooting in P mode. Check out the video to get the full list, and then drop any additional ideas you have in the comments.

(via Reddit)