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Embarrassing Target Photoshop Fail Looks Like it Was Done in Paint… by a 5-Year-Old



This might be the worst Photoshopping we’ve ever seen… maybe even worse than the floating inspectors from China. Because while usually the Photoshop goof-ups pointed out by websites like Jezebel aren’t all that horrific (as the Lena Dunham debacle pointed out), in this case, they hit the mother load.

Originally discovered by The Ethical Adman, Target’s website shows their “Xhilaration┬« Junior’s Midkini 2-Piece Swimsuit” on a model that’s not just overly thin or missing her pores, she’s missing chunks of her body that look like they were taken out using the erase tool.

What’s worse, other parts were left in, random pieces of person that now look like spikes sticking out of armpits and pieces of finger that used to be thigh. We really can’t do this justice in words, so we’ll let you feast your eyes instead:





It’s hard to find any redeeming qualities here, with chunks missing and pieces left in it really does look like somebody hacked this poor girl’s picture up on Paint. And what’s bound to get them in even more trouble is that this particular product is on the ‘youth’ section of their site.

For now, it looks like the page has been taken down (at least we can’t load it on our end) until they either find the original pictures or re-shoot this particular swimsuit.

(via Jezebel)