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Chase Jarvis Gives DigitalRev’s Kai Wong a Taste of His Own Cheap Camera Medicine


DigitalRev’s Cheap Camera Challenges are a big hit here at PetaPixel. Watching a pro use a less-than-capable camera to try and create something worthwhile is both hilarious and educationally valuable. Case in point: check out what cinematographer Phillip Bloom was able to do with a Barbie Camera and some creativity.

But now, we’re getting a real treat. In the video above, professional photographer Chase Jarvis turns the tables on DigitalRev’s Kai Wong by giving him only a GoPro Hero3+ to recreate a photo Jarvis shot using a Hasselblad.

The episode is actually a mix of DigitalRev’s Fake a Big Shot and Cheap Camera Challenge. Kai is given the task or recreating Jarvis’ well-known diver photo using only a GoPro Hero3+. To add to the madness, he has only 8 hours to find a pool, get the gear and recreate the image.


We won’t spoil the fun, but as you can see, Kai does a pretty great job of it given his limitations. Sure, the GoPro isn’t a bad still camera at all (especially when you compare it to, say, the Buzz Lightyear camera they gave David Hobby) but the pool he had to work with was only ~6 feet at its deepest, and the WiFi wouldn’t connect through water and so he had to get into the freezing pool himself.

So, whether you want some laughs or you want to learn a thing or two, check out the video at the top and then click here for more Fake a Big Shot fun or here for more Cheap Camera Challenges.

(via Reddit)