A 2-Megapixel Buzz Lightyear Camera in the Hands of a Pro Photographer

Give James Bond, Jack Bauer or Chuck Norris a spork, and they’ll figure out a way to overpower bad guys wielding guns. What happens when you give a seasoned photographer a cheap digital camera designed for toddlers?

That’s what Kai Wong and DigitalRev did recently. They flew in David Hobby of Strobist and gave him a 2-megapixel Buzz Lightyear camera and three cheapo flash units. Hobby was then tasked with shooting 5 challenges in 5 locations of 5 subjects, using his resourcefulness to make the best images he could with the uber-low-end gear.

The video above shows what went down. Here’s the camera Hobby used (it costs less than $20 at children’s toy stores):


Here are some of the photographs that resulted from the challenge:







Hobby has published a blog post with his thoughts on the experience. This challenge was actually the season finale of DigitalRev’s “Pro Photographer, Cheap Camera” series, which has featured a number of pros and cheapo cameras.

Image credits: Photographs by David Hobby and used with permission