DigitalRev Attempts to Recreate Strobist’s Famous Profile Pic

Typically, the folks over at DigitalRev are the ones doling out the challenges. Be it a Buzz Lightyear camera or a sub-par tilt-shift replacement, they like to put the pros through their paces.

But in this video, they’ve turned the tables on themselves by trying to recreate Strobist David Hobby’s famous profile picture without knowing anything about the lighting set up. What’s more impressive, they attempt it all using only a banged up Canon T3i and a couple of Family Jewels FUQ 690 flashes.

We won’t spoil the process (which, after all, is the best part of DigitalRev’s videos) but we will share the final results.

Here’s the original:


And here is DigitalRev’s final product:


Image credits: Photographs by DigitalRev and David Hobby