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Give It 100: Create a 100-Day Video Time-Lapse of the Journey Towards Your Goals



Back in July, we shared a viral “Dance-Lapse” video put together by former Microsoft exec Karen Cheng that showed the amazing progress she made learning to dance in one year.

Since that video came out, she’s received countless requests to help others create similar video time-lapses of their own journey towards personal goals. And so she decided to start a website dedicated to that very thing.

The website — which went live about an hour ago — is the brain child of Cheng and her partner Finbarr Taylor. It’s called Give It 100, and it challenges users to shoot 10 seconds of video every day for 100 days as they get better at whatever skill they chose to learn or improve upon.


At the end, they can look back over 1,000 seconds of ‘video time-lapse’ to see how the process has gone and how far they have come.

Cheng and Taylor firmly believe this is a motivational site unlike any other, because it focuses on documenting an honest, mistake-riddled process of improvement. “[Give It 100] tells stories of people’s hard work, their struggles, their mistakes,” writes Cheng. “Movies and magazines are obsessed with perfection. But perfect is boring. Mistakes are interesting.”

When she got in touch with us about the idea a couple of weeks ago, there were already 5,000 people on the site’s waiting list. Now that it’s gone live, we expect many more will sign up and begin documenting their personal journey towards a worthwhile goal.


Already people who got early access to the site have begun documenting their own adventures, both silly and inspirational — from a girl who is learning how to ride a unicycle, to the incredibly inspirational tale of a woman learning how to walk again after a debilitating accident.

So whether you see this as a tool for documenting something in your life — maybe 10 seconds every day for 100 days as you learn to use professional lighting equipment, or dive into the world of film photography — or a site chock full of inspirational real-world stories that can get you going when the going gets tough, it’s worth a few minutes of your day to go check it out.